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Over 600,000 international students representing 194 nationalities chose to study in Australia in 2017. The recent surveys conducted by Studies in Australia indicate four main reasons why international students choose to study in Australia:

Top Benefits of Studying in Australia

World-class education

Australian universities offer programs and courses that are recognised globally.

High quality of life

Australia consistently scores well in surveys and studies that measure quality of life.

Superb research opportunities

Australia invests heavily in research and has produced outstanding research in various fields.

Seven out of the top 100 universities in the world

The 2023 QS World University Rankings includes 38 Australian universities. Of those 38 universities, seven is in the top 100

Many scholarships for international students

These are offered by the Australian government, education institutions, and a number of public and private organisations.

You can study just about anything

The more than 40 universities across Australia offer hundreds of courses and degrees to choose from. You’ll be able to find a qualification in almost every discipline and field of study.

You can work while you study

Australia allows student visa holders to work while they’re studying.The Department of Home Affairs made a temporary concession in 2022 that allows students to work unlimited hours in any sector.

The opportunity to work in Australia after your studies

The Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) offers international students who’ve studied in Australia for at least two years the opportunity to apply for temporary permission to work in Australia.

You’re protected by TEQSA and the ESOS Act

Australia’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency, or TEQSA, acts as a national regulatory and quality agency for higher education. The Agency monitor quality and regulate university and non-university higher education providers against a set of standards developed by the independent Higher Education Standards Panel.

Top Universities in AUSTRALIA

The Subclass 485 visa has two streams under which you can apply, and depending on which stream you qualify for your visa will be valid for either 18 months or up to four years. 

University of Melbourne University of Adelaide
University of Sydney University of Western Australia
University of New South Wales Queensland University of Technology
University of Queensland Macquarie University
Monash University Griffith University
Australian National University University of Newcastle

Top Courses to study in Australia

Actuarial Science Social Work
Nursing Accountant
Architect Public Health
MBA Software Engineers

Admission Requirements to Study in Australia

The general documents that need to be submitted are:

Australian student visa requirements

F. A. Q

FAQs on the Student Visa

International students can only study CRICOS-approved courses - this means the courses have been registered with the immigration department, and are eligible for a student visa (subclass 500).

No, you cannot take 'online-only' courses. To qualify for a student visa, you must attend face-to-face classes.

However, by visa rules, 25% of your course content can be delivered online.

No, you can pay your tuition in instalments – usually every 3 to 6 months depending on the institution.

Please note these prices are valid until June 30, 2024.


  • If you are applying offshore (outside Australia), a student visa will cost AU $710, unless you are exempt.


  • if this is the first time you are applying onshore for a visa, the fee will be AU $710


  • If you have a partner also applying (dependent), his or her fee will be AU $530. There will also be the $ AU700 surcharge if this is the second (or more) application onshore.


  • Anyone under the age of 18 will be charged AU $175.

While on your student visa, almost all students will have the following work rights. Work rights begin the day the course commences as stated in the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE).


  • While classes in session: You are allowed to work 48 hours a fortnight (a fortnight is 14 days and starts on a Monday). It is up to you how you use those hours. For example, you can work 30 hours one week, in 18 hours the following week.

  • While class is not in session: If you are on official school holidays (Christmas, Easter, etc), you are allowed to work full time - unlimited hours. Just keep in mind that school is in session even through the exam period. Even though you might have finished your exams, the course may still be considered in progress.

If the principal visa holder (the student) is studying a Masters or PhD, the dependent has full work rights.

For all other courses, the dependent can only ever work 48 hours a fortnight (a fortnight is 14 days and starts on a Monday). It is up to you how you use those hours. For example, you can work 30 hours one week, in 18 hours the following week.

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International Education Counselling is a service aiding individuals in planning and navigating studies abroad successfully.

Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a mandatory health insurance for international students studying in Australia.

University Application Process

The university application process involves selecting programs, submitting documents, meeting deadlines, and possibly attending interviews for admission consideration.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation refers to housing options specifically designed for students, including dormitories, apartments, or shared housing near educational institutions.

Travel Insurance

Insurance provides coverage for unexpected events during trips, offering protection for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other travel-related incidents.

Air Tickets & Hotels

We provide comprehensive support in booking air tickets and hotelsfor stay, ensuring a seamless and worry-free travel experience for all of our students.

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Foreign exchange involves the conversion of one currency into another, facilitating international transactions and travel currency needs for individuals and businesses.

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Our services include convenient airport pickup arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients upon their arrival at their destination.

We provide complete counselling for students who wish to pursue their higher education overseas.

Our team of consultants possess a comprehensive understanding of the academic institutions, eligibility factor and current developments.We understand the combination of not only the choice, but also the requirements and eligibility to help the student make a calculated choice that best suits their requirement.


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