Study in Poland

Explore the heart of Europe by studying in Poland, offering world-class education, affordable living, and rich cultural experiences. Dive into a diverse community, innovative research opportunities, and a history of academic excellence. Make Poland your destination for an unforgettable educational journey.

Top Benefits of Study in Poland

Studying in Poland offers a range of benefits for international students, combining quality education with an enriching cultural experience. Here are the top reasons to consider Poland as your study destination:

Advanced Quality of Education

Polish universities are renowned for their high standards and adherence to the Bologna process, ensuring that degrees are recognized internationally. With over 450 higher education institutions, Poland emphasizes practical knowledge alongside theoretical learning.

Affordable Tuition and Living Costs

Poland is an attractive option for students due to its lower tuition fees and living expenses compared to other European countries. The cost of living is manageable, with options for economical accommodation and transportation.

Vibrant Student Life

Poland offers a dynamic student life with a blend of academic rigor and leisure activities. From music festivals to nightlife and cultural fests, students can enjoy a balanced lifestyle.

Rich Cultural and Historical Heritage

Poland's rich history and cultural diversity provide a unique learning environment outside the classroom. Students can explore UNESCO sites, museums, and historical landmarks, enriching their educational experience.

Research Opportunities

The country is home to a vibrant research community, offering numerous opportunities for innovation and intellectual growth across various fields. This makes Poland an ideal place for students aspiring to pursue careers in academia, industry, or entrepreneurship

Scholarships and Financial Support

A variety of scholarships and funding opportunities are available for talented international students, provided by universities, the Polish government, and external organizations. These scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and more, making education more accessible.

Work Opportunities

International students in Poland can work part-time during their studies and explore job opportunities post-graduation, benefiting from the country's growing economy and favorable work permit policies


Poland is one of the safest countries in Europe, offering a secure environment for students. Universities prioritize the well-being of their students, providing support services and ensuring a safe campus.

Diverse International Community:

With over 57,000 international students, Poland boasts a welcoming and diverse academic community. This multicultural setting fosters global connections and cultural exchange.

Top Universities in Poland

University of WarsawJagiellonian University
University of ZielonaWarsaw University of Technology
Wroclaw Medical UniversityAdam Mickiewicz University
AGH University of Science and TechnologyMedical University of Gdańsk
Gdańsk University of TechnologyNicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń
University of WrocławLodz University of Technology
University of GdańskMedical University of Warsaw

Top Courses to Study in Poland

AccountingComputer Science or IT field
EngineeringEnvironmental Studies
Food ScienceBusiness Administration

Admission Requirements to Study in Poland

The general documents that need to be submitted are:

Poland student visa requirements

F. A. Q

FAQs on the Student Visa

In general, it takes 3 academic years to complete bachelor studies (6 semesters), whereas master studies, depending on the field of studies, last from 1,5 to 2 academic years (3 or 4 semesters accordingly).
There are English courses available for international students, so you don't have to speak Polish.
Students with proved Polish origin (having "karta polaka") may apply for budget-funded studies on the same basis as Polish citizens. A list of scholarships provided by the Polish government and other organizations is available at: Other scholarship offers may be available in certain Universities.

To qualify all international applicants must first meet the minimum requirements for entry into higher education in their own country, have a matriculation certificate or equivalent document; command of English (at least on an intermediate level) is also required.

Some departments of the arts, physical education, departments preparing students for the teaching profession, medical and technical universities may organize additional aptitude tests.

In most cases the academic year at Polish universities consists of 2 semesters of 15 weeks duration each. Fall semester starts in the beginning of October and lasts till mid-February, with two-week break for Christmas holidays and with a one-week vacation period in February. Spring semester starts in mid February and lasts till the end of June, with one-week break for Easter holidays. Summer vacation lasts from the beginning of July to the end of September.
You do not need to because universities offer a large variety of study programmes in English. Nevertheless, you may learn Polish either for private everyday use for the time you stay in Poland, or for joining a university course in Polish. Courses of Polish language and culture or survival Polish with orientation programmes are organized by most universities hosting foreign students

Non EU students need to arrive in Poland with a student's visa obtained at a Polish Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence. It is important to remember that visas are granted for a maximum of three months. In order to extend the stay in Poland, it is necessary to apply for a residence permit for specified period of time in Voivodeship office. More practical information about: coming to Poland, legalizing your stay, medical care and insurance, driving license, addresses of diplomatic missions of in Poland is available at (Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

Medical care in Poland is not free of charge. Health insurance is mandatory for all students for the entire duration of their stay in Poland

You can appeal against the rejection of your Polish study visa request by a Polish embassy or consulate. The appeal must be filed within 14 days of the rejection.

To appeal against the decision, you must visit the concerned embassy or consulate with your passport, copy of the refusal letter, appeal letter, and the receipt of the new visa fee payment. You must pay the visa fees again if you want to appeal against the decision.

The appeal letter must address all the points mentioned in the refusal letter that led to the rejection of your visa. Legal reasoning must be provided in your appeal letter.

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