Study in the USA

Study in the USA, where academic excellence meets unparalleled diversity and opportunity. Home to world-renowned universities, cutting-edge research, and a dynamic cultural landscape, the USA offers a transformative education experience. Embrace innovation, creativity, and freedom in a country that champions your dreams and ambitions.

Top benefits of study in USA

These benefits make studying in the USA a highly rewarding experience that can shape students’ futures and careers.

World-Class Institutions

The USA is home to many of the world's top-ranking universities, known for their quality of research, teaching, and resources.

Diverse Academic Opportunities

With a wide range of programs on offer, students can find unique majors or customize their course of study to fit their interests and goals.

Cutting-Edge Research

The USA is at the forefront of research and technology, offering students opportunities to work with leading scholars and on groundbreaking projects.

Cultural Diversity

Students from all corners of the globe study in the USA, providing a rich multicultural environment that enhances learning and personal growth.

Flexible Education System

The American education system is known for its flexibility, allowing students to easily switch majors or take diverse classes outside their primary field of study.

Support Services for International Students

Universities in the USA offer extensive support services, from orientation programs to help with language skills, to make the transition easier for international students.

Career Opportunities

Graduating from a US institution opens doors to numerous career opportunities, both in the USA and worldwide, thanks to the country's prestigious academic reputation.

Campus Life Experience

American universities provide a vibrant campus life that includes a variety of extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations to suit every interest.

Global Networking

Studying in the USA allows students to build a global network of contacts, including peers, professors, and industry professionals, which can be invaluable throughout their careers.

Top Universities in the USA

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)Harvard University
Stanford UniversityUniversity of California Berkeley (UCB)
University of ChicagoUniversity of Pennsylvania
Cornell UniversityCalifornia Institute of Technology (Caltech)
Yale UniversityPrinceton University
Columbia UniversityJohns Hopkins University
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)University of Michigan-Ann Arbor
New York University (NYU)Northwestern University
Carnegie Mellon UniversityDuke University
University of Texas at AustinUniversity of Washington
University of Illinois at Urbana-ChampaignPennsylvania State University
Boston UniversityGeorgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)

Top Courses to Study in USA

Bio-Medical EngineeringChemical Engineering
Civil EngineeringBusiness Analytics
Environmental Health SciencesEpidemiology
Population, Family & HealthBiostatistics

Admission Requirements to Study in USA

The general documents that need to be submitted are:

F-1 visa checklist for students

If you a regular student, you most likely will have to schedule an interview at the U.S. Embassy or Consulate in the country where you live for your US Student Visa. And it is during this interview that you have to submit the list of documents required for F-1 visa given below.

F. A. Q

FAQs on the Student Visa

Consular officers prefer to see at least six months of transaction history from each of your bank accounts. Bank statements can be from any bank, savings and loan or credit agency.

Yes. You may have family or close friends in the U.S. who are able and willing to support you financially while you are in school. However, this sponsorship must be genuine. Every consular officer must believe the legitimacy of your financial evidence and it is extremely important that you are honest during the interview.

You are permitted to apply for a visa many times within one year. For the benefit of the applicants, the Consular Section’s policy is, to the extent possible, to appoint a different interviewing officer for subsequent applications. If you are refused a visa three times in one year, you must wait six months since your last refusal. There is no formal appeal process.

Each applicant’s case is different, but generally, consular officers encourage you to wait until your circumstances have changed or you have additional evidence that was not presented during your first interview before reapplying. The academic institution you choose to attend (and the I-20 you present) should be the one that is best suited to your academic interests and financial resources.

No, the type of school has no bearing on your qualifications for a student visa.

As a student visa applicant, you must convince the consular officer that you have the ability, intent, and means to study in the U.S. The officer also must believe that you have a residence abroad to which you intend to return after finishing your education.

Not necessarily. As long as you can show that you have the means to repay the loans without resorting to illegal employment in the U.S. this will not be counted against you.

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Guides abroad studies, covering academics, universities, applications, visas, culture, and career paths for success.

University Scholarship Guidance

International Education Counselling is a service aiding individuals in planning and navigating studies abroad successfully.

Overseas Student Health Cover

Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is a mandatory health insurance for international students studying in Australia.

University Application Process

The university application process involves selecting programs, submitting documents, meeting deadlines, and possibly attending interviews for admission consideration.

Student Accommodation

Student accommodation refers to housing options specifically designed for students, including dormitories, apartments, or shared housing near educational institutions.

Travel Insurance

Insurance provides coverage for unexpected events during trips, offering protection for medical emergencies, trip cancellations, and other travel-related incidents.

Air Tickets & Hotels

We provide comprehensive support in booking air tickets and hotelsfor stay, ensuring a seamless and worry-free travel experience for all of our students.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchange involves the conversion of one currency into another, facilitating international transactions and travel currency needs for individuals and businesses.

Airport Pickup

Our services include convenient airport pickup arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition for our clients upon their arrival at their destination.

We provide complete counselling for students who wish to pursue their higher education overseas.

Our team of consultants possess a comprehensive understanding of the academic institutions, eligibility factor and current developments.We understand the combination of not only the choice, but also the requirements and eligibility to help the student make a calculated choice that best suits their requirement.


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